Welcome to NentirVale
the 2nd Ed World run By Stuart Robinson

We are a group of gamers living in East Lancashire who have been playing D&D on and off since the mid 1970’s first with 1st Ed but now with 2nd ed AD&D, our age group is from the early 20’s to mid 60’s (we have characters older than some of our players!).

We have been playing on a regular basis every Tuesday night for the last 10 years with normally 3 to 7 of us with 2-3 taking turns to DM. We run open and closed campaigns

This is our current closed campaign using 2nd Ed AD&D but set in the 4th Ed world with characters living in or a around NentirVale. our open world is Taladas 2nd Ed

Stuart is our main DM a veteran of many years back to the early 1980’s these pages are mainly his world but as he is not a computer person as such I have undertaken to do the documenting

Stuarts 2nd Ed in 4th Ed world

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